Counseling Services

Initial Interview

During this private consultation, you have the opportunity to discuss your concerns. If further services are indicated, the counselor may recommend group or individual counseling, suggest further evaluation, or refer you to other services on or off campus. Occasionally, some students find that this initial consultation meets their needs and no further services are required.Ernie:  "We can all use a little support.  Visit us."

Individual Therapy

Short term, individual counseling may be offered to help you gain a deeper understanding of the sources of your difficulties. These insights are then translated into plans for action that you can carry out in your daily life. For issues that would be better resolved through a longer-term individual approach, an appropriate referral to a community provider may be recommended.

Couples Counseling

At times, problems in a relationship can lead to stress and disruption in your life. Couples counseling is an option when at least one partner is a full-time student. Married, unmarried and LGBT couples are welcome.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services are available to those who may benefit from medication in addition to counseling. An assessment is done by a counselor before you meet with the consulting psychiatrist.

Crisis Intervention

Sometimes crisis situations arise that require immediate intervention (e.g. sexual assault, suicidal feelings, or death of a loved one). Please alert the receptionist of your crisis situation so that you can be seen promptly.


Consultation is available by phone or by appointment for students, faculty, staff, or parents who wish to talk with a professional about a student suffering from emotional stress, counseling referrals, or other issues.